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January 01 2012

"Calgary Reconsidered" by Chris Turner

Calgary Reconsidered

Six truths about the city that's no longer, simply, Cowtown

I first came to know Calgary, as many do, driving along highways and broad suburban avenues, through the nowhere geography of its ample suburban periphery as my future wife toured the non-sights of her childhood. We would sometimes meander around its inner-city precincts as well, and she'd grow steadily more agitated behind the wheel as she pointed out all the spots where the old buildings used to be. It's a common tic, actually, in the coded language of old-hand Calgarians: first you trade the names of the suburban neighbourhoods where you grew up, then you offer driving directions by way of landmarks that no longer exist...

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July 07 2011

The Best of “Office Quote of the Day” - Submitted without context: silly things said at The Walrus HQ

July 6, 2011: “WHAT IS THIS!?!” “That’s your voice at too loud a volume.” June 29, 2011: “Don’t cry. It’s just a comma. Imagine if it was a semicolon.” June 21, 2011: “I just wrote a new social etiquette manual called Real Talk. Deal with it.” June 14, 2011: “Do you want anything from Montreal? [...]

July 06 2011

Staying Alive - One of the world’s oldest stories — One Thousand and One Nights — takes new form in Toronto

Luminato Festival Murder, deception, sex, and violence all played out on the stage last month, and it wasn’t some cutting edge, contemporary play. Rather, one of the oldest collections of stories in existence — One Thousand and One Nights, better known in the West as Arabian Nights. At Toronto’s Luminato festival, the production stayed true [...]

Nothing Works for Sure - An electronic interview with poet Joshua Trotter

Biblioasis Press “There were ‘birds’ whose purpose was to record the movements of the masses, to repeat working-class conversation verbatim.” — from Joshua Trotter’s “Continuation of the History of Utopia” Joshua Trotter’s debut, All This Could Be Yours, slipped quietly into (better) bookstores earlier this year and quickly became something of a totem among the [...]

July 01 2011

June 30 2011

Better Living Through Questioning - Irshad Manji on the global citizen’s responsibility to confront Islam

Irshad Manji on Allah Irshad Manji wants to stir things up. The author, journalist, and advocate for religious reform opposes the hijab, saying it “makes [women] a billboard for the most chauvinistic aspects of Arab tribal culture,” and was offended by plans to create an Islamic community centre near Manhattan’s Ground Zero. She is committed [...]

June 28 2011

Hello Again, Friend - Remembering Adam Gilders through a posthumous collection

J&L Books The author and journalist Adam Gilders contributed to the very first issue of The Walrus, an article about a fanatical German sub-culture of Wild West re-creationists — Gunther and Hans dressing up in cowboy hats and feathered headdresses. It was a story about identity and the strangeness of life, themes that would crop [...]

June 17 2011

The Unbalancing Act - How literary periodicals flail to correct gender inequity

Canadian Notes & Queries 80: The Gender Issue, Taddle Creek No. 26: Summer Issue, Granta 115: The F Word “If I were a man, and cared to know the world I lived in, I almost think it would make me a shade uneasy — the weight of that long silence of one half of the [...]

These Machines Are Built for Dancing - The ten greatest Canadian synth-pop songs of all time

In the July/August 2011 issue of The Walrus, Andre Mayer examines the new album by Junior Boys and the resurgence of Canadian synth-pop. Here, he chooses the ten greatest tunes in the genre. Spoons, “Nova Heart” (1981) With its ethereal guitar line, pulsating drums, and Gordon Deppe’s haughty tenor, “Nova Heart” remains an iconic track [...]

Unwanted Visitor - What's the point of preventing American education theorist William Ayers from entering Canada?

Earlier today, education theorist William “Bill” Ayers delivered a pre-recorded keynote lecture to the Worldviews Conference on Media and Higher Education. While it’s only about an hour-long flight from Ayers’ home city of Chicago to Toronto, where the conference is being held, his lawyers advised him not to bother attempting the trip. He has already [...]

June 14 2011

4’33” for the 157 - Joanne Tod’s “Portraits of the War,” in video form

Click here to view the full gallery of Joanne Tod’s “Portraits of the War,” from the July/August issue of The Walrus magazine.

June 08 2011

Flickers of Light - Nigel Dickson and Toronto's Shoot With This collective mentor the photography skills of at-risk youth

Tanisha Evans Danielle ScottPortraits from “Spark” Can art bring strangers together? Perhaps in some situations, as acclaimed photographer (and friend of The Walrus) Nigel Dickson recently discovered while mentoring at-risk youths in Toronto. “It was up at the Jane and Finch area, where, to be honest, I’d never been before,” says Dickson. “[The youth] were [...]

June 02 2011

Home Sweet Stornoway - Will Jack and Olivia feel at home in the mansion?

Simon PulsiferStornoway With another month begun, many Canadians are once again practicing the common ritual of settling into new rental and temporary homes. One notable Canuck, however, is biding his time to make a move that seemed unlikely, if not impossible, only a few years — and several federal elections — ago. Jack Layton has [...]

May 17 2011

The Traveler Is Lost - An excerpt from the author’s new eBook, How I Came to Haunt My Parents

ECW Press My dear Julie, This morning on my walk I watched a house catch fire. I was walking down the empty road, staring at my black shoes turning brown with dust, and something made me turn and stare through the shimmer of heat. I knew that I should be in the Gulf Hotel, working [...]

May 12 2011

No. 10: Pepper - From a series of posts about the chimpanzees of Fauna Sanctuary

Frank NoelkerPepper My Time with the Chimps appears simultaneously on The Walrus Blog and Andrew Westoll’s The New Animalist. To read more about Andrew’s book, The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary, click here. In the early years, Gloria invited some of the lab technicians who used to work with the chimpanzees to visit Fauna. Although these [...]

May 06 2011

Back to Life - A Hot Doc, reviewed: Mika Kaurismäki’s Mama Africa revives the legend of Miriam Makeba

HotDocs.caNelson Mandela and Miriam “Mama Africa” Makeba Singer Miriam Makeba, known as Mama Africa, died in November of 2008. Ten months earlier, I saw her perform at the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, Spain. At the time, I didn’t understand what I was witnessing — the denouement of a fifty-year career, the last tour [...]

More Than a Game - A Hot Doc, reviewed: Grinders explores professional poker’s working class blues

Do you like poker? Toronto filmmaker Matt Gallagher does. He’s long been a decent player, and now that he’s broke — small child, recession — and apparently lacking in transferable skills, he decides to try it on as a career. He becomes a grinder. A grinder, we’re told, is someone whose sole source of income [...]

The Not-So-Great Recessionize! - A Hot Doc, reviewed

Trailer for Jamie Kastner’s Recessionize! For Fun and Profit! 15 Simple Steps! “Funemployment,” “affluenza,” “recessionista,” “staycation” — the recession of 2008 and 2009 introduced a host of strange slang into the common vernacular. With Recessionize! For Fun and Profit! 15 Simple Steps!, Toronto filmmaker Jamie Kastner invents his own term, albeit ironically, he says. “The [...]

May 04 2011

Dear Mr. Prime Minister - A letter to Stephen Harper, leader of the new Conservative majority

Marco Ventura Mr. Harper, I would like to congratulate you on winning the majority government you have wanted so badly. I commend you without a hint of irony or facetiousness. This is an achievement you have been working towards for a very long time. You have helped build a small regional party into a truly [...]

May 03 2011

And the Nominees Are… - The Walrus receives thirty-five nominations for the thirty-fourth annual National Magazine Awards

The Walrus Foundation is proud to announce that for the fifth straight year The Walrus magazine has received the highest number of National Magazine Award nominations. The thirty-five nominations in 2010’s National Magazine Awards represents an increase from its country-leading total of thirty-three nominations at the 2009 awards. Our contributors were nominated for twenty-eight written, [...]
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